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We congratulate those people who have achieved their weight loss goals. We get a lot of positive feedbacks everyday and these are just some of them. We look forward to helping many more and welcome your input and comments.

**  I have been taking WeightLoss Green Store Tea  for over 6 months.I have  already seen some changes to my body! I attached my before and after pic to this email.I have noticed that my circulation has improved drastically, and lost weight gradually.
Thank you so much ! you have changed my life.
Susan H.  USA

* *  I began using this Weight Loss Green Store Tea 4 months ago, and I'm amazed at how well it's working for me! So far I've lost 55 pounds. I never imagined a weight loss tea could really work this well. I turned about 12 other women at my work onto this product, and they're all seeing amazing results as well. I'd also like to thank you for your helpful customer service and fast delivery! My order was delivered right to my doorstep.
Thank You again.
Lana V. Australia

* * This treatment totally changed my life. Great product, great price and I feel great! Not sure if it's in my mind but I feel so much more confident in myself already, it must be my new outlook on life combined with weight loss. 40 pounds off so far and it's been really easy. Thanks

Ailbe T.  Ireland

 * * After searching for weeks I decided to take the plunge and try a weight loss tea. WeightLoss Green Store Tea was the obvious choice and I wasn't disappointed. I have lost 16kg in four months.

Robert U. USA

* * After my use of WeightLoss Green Store Tea ive lost an amazing amount of unwanted weight, in fact a total off 23kgs !! all slowly, but fantastic news ! i have recommended these to many of my friends and family

Isabeau L.  Paris/ France


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