How to Organize Your Kitchen for Weight Loss

1. Declutter your countertop. Raise your hand if you're culprit of storing food on your counters (because you're just going to take it back out of the cabinet tomorrow, right?). Here's a cause to put the food back in the pantry: Women who left a box of breakfast cereal on their countertops weighed 20 pounds more than those who didn't; women who stashed soda on their counters weighed 24 to 26 pounds more, according to a study of more than 200 kitchens in a journal. "It boils down to the fact that you eat what you see," "Even with something considered healthy like cereal, if you eat a handful every time you walk by, the calories add up." Consider it out of sight, out of mind.

2. Beware of cutesy kitchenware. Looking at cutely designed kitchen tools leads to more 
tolerant choices, according to a study. Participants who used a doll-shaped ice cream scooper doled out 22 percent more ice cream than those who used a regular scooper. If home goods are too cute to insist on, encourage indulgence in healthier places, Go for pretty salad tongs or a polka-dot water bottle to draw you into using them more. 

3. Place healthy foods in places that practically smack you in the face. Sure, there are days you would walk 10 miles to get your hands on a piece of chocolate, but most of the time we're programmed to eat what's most suitable. Women who had to walk six feet to get their hands on a piece of chocolate ate half the amount of chocolates than those with the candy front of them, according to study. The good news: "The same effect is true for healthier foods such as fruits or vegetables—the more suitable it is, the more likely you'll eat it," Wansink says. To reorganize for success, place prechopped veggies at eye level in your refrigerator, store healthy snacks as the first thing you see in your pantry, or set out a bowl of fruit on your kitchen table. Then, hide unhealthy stuff on the highest shelves or in the farthest reach of your freezer.

4. Downsize your dinnerware. You already know that eating smaller portions is a smart step for weight loss, but eating off of smaller dishes makes it easier to adapt the right serving size. In fact, people who used 7-inch plates (around the size of a salad plate) ate 22 percent less than those who used a 10-inch dinner plate, according to a study. Even nutritionists who used larger bowls served and ate 31 percent more ice cream than those who used smaller bowls. Next time you unstuff the dishwasher, place smaller sized bowls and plates on your go-to shelf in your cabinet; stash supersize ones out of reach. 

5. Use champagne glasses instead of tumblers. Here's an idea we can get on board with: Break out the champagne flutes to reduce the amount you consume in liquid calories. Bartenders poured 30 percent more into tumblers than into highball glasses, Since this concept can transform to any drink that delivers calories, use flutes or highball glasses for calorie-containing drinks, and stack the tumblers next to your water cooler.

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