5 Metabolism Speeders

  1. Don't eat close to bedtime. You may have been said not to eat too close to bedtime because of the theory that your metabolism slows down at night and you'll lose less weight than you would if you ate the same food earlier in the day is not true at all. Calories are the same whether you eat them in the morning or at night. The problem with nighttime eaters is that they are usually eating far more calories than they consider, and the calories are more intensive.

2. Drinking water speeds metabolism. Drinking plenty of water is healthful for a number of causes, but it doesn't make your body burn calories faster. It can help you feel satiated, which may keep some cravings away. But that effect doesn't last very long. One of the things that helps is soup before a meal. A broth-type soup does help reduce the amount of calories you will eat. Of course, broth won't expedite metabolism, either, but it will help you practice your diet plan

3. Eat at the same time or at certain times every day to burn calories.Some diets advise eating every couple of hours, while others recommend practicing a consistent schedule or number of meals for weight-loss success.Pursuing a set schedule may help you stick to a diet plan, but doesn't help you burn more calories. There's no magic about it. It's whatever fits your lifestyle and your diet.

4.Eating breakfast speeds metabolismEating breakfast on a regular basis is important for reducing pounds, but not only because it improves your metabolism, People who eat only one meal a day will turn off their metabolism. So breakfast is partly a metabolism-booster and it is partly to make sure you stay on track for the rest of the day. People who eat breakfast are less likely to gourmandise later in the day, which of course supports weight loss

5.Build muscle. The reality is that there is only one way to boost metabolism: Build more lean muscle mass. The best way to improve metabolism is by incorporating physical activity, both cardio and weight training, to enhance lean muscle mass, which is what burns the calories!

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