Fat Burning Tips

1. Keep a food diary
Apart from helping you to stay on track with a healthy diet, a diary lets you can pick up your eating habits patternsIf you realize that you regularly eat the same things, target getting more daring with your palate to advise your body and your digestive system to keep cranking.

2. Lift Weights
If cardio is training tipple and you are neglecting weight training, you need to get to grips with the barbell. Large, heavy lifts like squats and deadlifts will build muscle mass to rev up your metabolism and blend training.

3. Change Speed
A good way to shock your body with a fat-blasting reaction is to vary the tempo at which you perform resistance exercises. For example, try taking four seconds to control the lowering phase of a movement, while clinging to a second or as soon as possible, on the upward phase.

4. Take your time
If your body is stressed, your cortisol levels will be high. Although this stress hormone is important to your body, it can cause you to  save your belly fat. Take time to meditate, have a relaxing swim or just take it easy and have some 'me' time.

5. Eat more fat

Are you cutting fat from your diet thinking that it interferes with your fat loss quest? In fact, good fats from oily fish, nuts and avocados will give you energy and nutrients - without getting you fat. Do not try to force your body to run empty in an attempt to increase your calorie burn.

6. Weightloss Green Store Tea
One of the most effective available on the markets is Weightloss Green Store Tea. You can lose weight without no side-effects. With its fat burning, fat inhibiting and appetite suppression features, you take more easy to lose weight.  It doesn’t matter how slow your metabolism is. It has  a pyrogenic fat burning effect. You feel more energetic,less hungry.  You won’t regret to try it.


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