MYTH 1: “Fruit has high calories, and makes you fat.”
We didn’t become a fat society by eating too much fruit. The approximate American eats less than three portions of fruits or vegetables every day. Study shows that the more fresh fruits or veggies you eat, the slimmer you will be
—and the better you’ll feel.

MYTH 2: Snacking Is Forever a Bad Opinion: Opinion that you shouldn't eat between meals is a myth. When your stomach begins gurling, you arguably think that you should not damage your appetite. Nonetheless, having snacks in between meals may, in fact help you eat less, and avoid overeat later. Actually, dietitians generally suggests that you have five smaller meals a day, instead of eating your calories for one time.

MYTH 3: “Do not eat breakfast, do not take calories.”
It is totally wrong. Skipping breakfast can only damage your weight-loss attempts. People who have breakfast daily are slimmer; those who don’t have breakfast fatter. It’s so simple. A high-nutrient breakfast  prepares your body to  a good calorie-burning start

MYTH 4: If You Eat and Exercise Permanently, You Will Never Get on Weight : You need to be volunteer to have lifestyle changes and dietary adaptions while you age, change, and grow. The fact is that, your metabolism ease off as you age. Consequently, you generally have to either eat less or exercise more to hinder getting on weight. The biggest change often happens around the age of 40. Your metabolism will progress to ease off more slowly over the years, so every time keep your food and exercise plan flexible.

MYTH 5: “You do not need a fat-burning supplement to lose pounds.”
You may need a supplement to lose weight. You may need to supress your appetite to lose weight more easily. That is quite normal. Do not force yourself, but the important thing is that the supplement should be safe and natural. Be sure to choose the right supplement or you may lose your health too. The right supplement may help along with the training hard and eating right. Weightloss Green Store Tea is the right supplement for you. It is totally pure and natural. It contains 9 different herbs. This combination of herbs speed your metabolism and helps you in that process. You are not obliged to emulate the high-calorie foods on occasions. You can supress your appetite and compansate little snacks with Weightloss Green Store Tea.


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