3 Low-Calorie Snacks!

If You Like: Trail Mix
Reach: Raw Almonds And Dried Apricots.
Almonds provide more iron, calcium and vitamin E. Linking with dried fruit adds some satiating fiber.
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If You Like: Cheese And Crackers

Range: Low-fat Cheese And Carrots.
Save the sodium and hydrogenated oil - loaded crackers and instead link it your savory treat with chopped carrots; they provide more calcium, vitamins A and C and potassium than baby carrots.

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If You Like: Ice Cream
Range: Greek Yogurt With Fresh Fruit.
Berger looks so tempting when you need a pick-me-up needed - but the sugar will eventually let you crash. Greek yogurt can curb your craving for something creamy while providing 17 grams of protein to keep you full and only five grams of sugar. Satisfy your sweet needs with a cup of sliced ​​peaches and strawberries. For only about 50 calories, add three grams of fiber and get your daily recommended intake of vitamin C covered.
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Dont waive snacks! Weight Loss Green Store Tea is a good way for weight loss!

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