Weight Loss Green Store Tea Ingredients

 Weight Loss Green Store Tea

Weight Loss Green Store Tea is 100% herbal, so there is not any side effect. You can find bellow the Weight Loss Green Store Tea ingredients list with the explanation of each ingredient in the composition.

Gurmar (Gymnemasylvestre)
By reducing the sugar in the body, you lose pounds, because the excess sugar is still stored by the body as fat. Gymnemasylvestre. It also inhibits the absorption of sugars by the body, so it gives your body the exact quantity you need. It has a hypoglycemic property.


This ingredient gives supplementary energy. So you feel always energic.

  Weight Loss Green Store Tea

Rhamnus Frangula

Rhamnus Frangula treats indigestion in general. It also accelerates digestion, so your body burns fat faster

Ericae Vulgaris

Cutting hunger: so you feel less hunger. Reduce the sugar in the body: your body uses only the sugar quantity its needs. Extra sugar are not accepted.

Origanum Vulgare

The Origanum Vulgare has stimulant properties of appetite and reduces digestive disorders. It contains iron, calcium, manganese and vitamin E, the main element your body needs to be fit.

Weight Loss Green Store Tea

Ilex Paraguayensis

It has glycogenolytic properties ( burning sugar ) and lipolytic or lipo-reducer: It acts on the excess fat, it promotes weight loss. Moreover, aiding digestion. Ilex Paraguayensis is also known for its antioxidant properties.

Camellia Sinensis

It permits to slow down the weight gain and lipogenesis. Camellia sinensis promotes weight loss. It is also hypoglycemic.

Plantago Lanceolata

It eliminates everything the body does not need to avoid turning them into fat. Plantago Lanceolata cleans the gastrointestinal tract.
Weight Loss Green Store Tea


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