Danger Of Sugar

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Sugar Causes Blood Sugar Spike And Drop
Unstable blood sugar often leads to mood swings, fatigue, headache and crave more sugar. Craving the stage for a cycle of addiction in which every new hit of sugar makes you feel better temporarily, but a few hours later, results in more cravings and hunger. On the other hand, they often report to avoid sugar with little or no desire for sweet things and feel emotionally balanced and energized.

Sugar Increases The Risk Of Obesity, Diabetes And Heart Disease
Large-scale studies have shown that the more high-glycemic foods consumed, including foods that contain sugar, a person, the higher the risk of obese and developing diabetes and heart disease.


A High Sugar Diet Often Leads To Chromium Deficiency
If you consume a lot of sugar and other refined carbohydrates, you probably do not get enough of the trace mineral chromium, and one of the main functions of chromium to help regulate blood sugar levels. Chromium is found in a variety of animal food, fish and plant foods.

Sugar Accelerates Aging
It also contributes to that telltale sign of aging: sagging skin. Some of the sugar you consume, after hitting the blood flow, ultimately to attach themselves to proteins, in a process called glycation.

Sugar Causes Tooth Decay
With all the other life-threatening effects of sugar, we sometimes forget the most basic damage it does. As it sits on your teeth, it creates decay more efficiently than any other food substance.

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