How To Lose Belly Fat

Diet - Word Fat Burner
Low-carbohydrate diet is the most effective way of shedding pounds of fat from the body.

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In short, the body burns energy in the following order:
-Carbohydrates (from food and stored glycogen)
-Fat (of nutrition and body fat)
-Protein (from food and muscle)
If you eat what most government guidelines recommend that you eat, you are a carb burner. It then becomes obvious that to be for the purpose of a fat burner, i.e. you will need to remove carbohydrates, the current primary energy source.

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The Exercise
Overdoing cardiovascular exercise will also make your body in a state where it breaks down lean muscle tissue (catabolism). So the question is, how can we complement our fat-burning nutritional strategy fat-burning exercise.

Research shows that this kind of work burns more fat than steady-state cardio, typically by about 50%.Also with regard to abdominal fat research has shown particular (although the reason is not clear at this time), which can produce more HIIT fat loss in this area than other parts of the body.Get your body to burn fat for energy.Then add exercise to exploit possible the most fat.There is obviously more to talk about on this subject, but not a single message to me in all this.

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