Reasons To Exercise

Whether you prefer to walk, run or spin, it does not matter, as long as you move.
Physical activity is any kind of movement that you do with your body, and it can be as simple as walking to be at the store instead of taking the car.

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Exercise To Sleep More
There is much research to suggest that physical activity leads to improved sleep, but scientists are not sure why. We only know that it has a positive effect overall and can help you quickly fall asleep and make sure that you sleep longer. It may be that exercise increases your body temperature or it may be something to do with a shift in your circadian rhythm to have. or it may simply be because exercise reduces anxiety and excitement, which makes it easier for you to drift carefree.

Exercise To Do Better 
One of the most recent developments in the relationship between exercise and overall health has been discovered link to alertness, mental performance and creativity, says Westwood. He points to the rise of the standing bureaus and run meetings, as companies use the results of the latest scientific findings on exercise to improve brainpower of their employees.

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Exercise To Have Better Sex
About 80 percent of women have reported, dissatisfied with their physical appearance. If you move, you feel better about your body, and that can work to your advantage in the bedroom.

Exercise To De-Stress
Exercise is a distraction and a way of coping. The positive effects can also have something to do with the physiological response of the body. Exercise reduces symptoms of depression, such as lack of energy and feeling of despair, and improves overall mental health.

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 In addition exercise, lose weight by using  Weight Loss Green Store Tea properly!

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