What Is Your Weight Loss Personality?

What's Your Diet Personality?
Do you snack when you are stressed, or eat out your downfall? We all have our own barriers to healthy eating. While a healthy diet is only one ingredient in effective weight, learn to overcome these barriers, you can give a super lead.

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The Nonstop Nibbler
You consistently sit down to a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner, but is less healthy the snack in between. The good news: we should have snacks between meals, so let yourself off the hook. But try to plan well-balanced snacks the same way as you plan your meals. Instead of munching high-fat junk from the office vending machine, bring fruit, vegetable sticks or a few nuts and multigrain crackers from home. Often drink from a water bottle at your desk so you do not feel as hungry and put a cap on other beverages containing added sugar and calories.

The Emotional Eater
You're the gal reaching for a little comfort food when you're lonely, bored, anxious or feel unappreciated. Learn to identify emotional triggers by writing down what you feel when you turn to the food. Then find healthy alternatives to emotional snacking: Read a book, keep a diary or a friend's phone. Better yet, put some distance between you and the cheesecake to go out for a walk. The bonus: you'll burn some calories instead of them!

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The Bank Snacker
You eat well-balanced meals and healthy snacks in your active day, but by nightfall, your pockets. Anything you want to do is relax in front of the tube ... with a packet of crisps. A solution: Try stocking your kitchen with healthy treats such as plain air-popped popcorn or low-fat frozen yogurt.

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