3 Key Ingredients For Fast Weight Loss

The weight loss industry has us believe that losing weight quickly is a goal worth achieving, but if weight loss is not created equal. With rapid weight loss is even faster muscle loss, which can be harmful to your health and fitness goals, because the muscles needed for burning calories. In addition, weight loss occurs as a result of consistent operation over time. What you should think about, rather than losing weight fast, is losing weight without sacrificing muscle. Below are the three key ingredients to help you lose weight without losing muscle mass.

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Don't Cut Calories Too Low
There is a common misconception that low-calorie diets are the best way to lose weight. But calorie reduction to levels that are too low actually have the opposite effect and makes it even harder to lose weight in the long term. So, not only low-calorie diet boring and too extreme to keep for a long time, they can destroy the metabolism, the most important factor for weight loss. The only calories you should cut're empty calories of candy, packaged snacks, white bread and pasta, fried foods, soft drinks and alcohol.

Eat Enough Protein
Protein builds muscle, so it is imperative that a weight loss diet includes enough. Plus, protein makes you feel more satisfied with your meal and keep you fuller longer. How much protein an individual needs depending on the gender of the person, activity, and goals.
One way to ensure that you make enough protein is simply to seek to include protein in each of your meals, and to balance with lots of fresh vegetables and whole grains. Ideal sources are lean meats, fish, legumes, eggs and some protein powders. It is important to find the right balance when it comes to protein.

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Strength Train
Healthy weight loss is about losing fat and increasing muscle. To do that, it's important to add at least two days of weight training per week to your fitness program. An ideal fitness program should balance cardio and strength training. However, it is easy to overdo the cardio. Just as eating too few calories, too much cardio a negative impact on your metabolism by slowing fat loss and depletion of muscles.

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