What Do Man Find Attractive At Women

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What is pretty according to men and what is pretty according to women? Namely, although most people would have thought that men would be conquered by a red lipstick, if they are to be asked the natural look is always more attractive. We reveal to you what men think is attractive at a girl during a date. 

1. Put on red dress instead of red lipstick

Decide for the color of passion in the outfit instead on the lipstick. For the first date by choosing the red detail like scarf or dress you’ll leave the impression of a confident person which could be great aphrodisiac.

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2. Disband the hair instead of tying it in a ponytail
Although sometimes it’s easier to band the hair, because you are simply not satisfied with how it looks, men like disbanded hair better.
3. Replace open sex appeal with secretive sensuality 
Although it’s a popular opinion that a woman is sexier when showing more naked skin, men during first date find a woman more appealing if she hides her sex appeal and leaves something to their imagination.
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4. Replace trendy clothing with classic look
It seems that dressed up look which sends the message as if you have just came down from the catwalk doesn’t do much for men.They prefer classic look. The all-time choice that you can’t go wrong with is jeans and simple t-shirt. The same rule applies for jewelry.
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