How To Reach Your Weight Loss Goal In 2017

 Weight Loss Green Store Tea

In certain cases,human being starting to use larger and larger amounts of food with desire to receive psychological comfort and physiological sense of satisfaction.

Gradually this habit turns into addiction and the person begins to feel psychological comfort only when it absorbs large amounts of food.

The causes are always psychological or physiological problems!

  Weight Loss Green Store Tea

 Physiological Reasons:

1.Quantity and food quality, hereditary, genetic.
2.Intrusion of centers for hunger and satiety in the brain.
3.Disruption of the endocrine system.
4Overweight appears after using medications / such as hormonal.

 Psychological Reasons:

1. Increasing conflict cause constant anxiety and stress.
2. Problems in sexual relationship can be causes by unattractive appearance.
3. Low confidence - it is easier to exuse with overweight for the failures in your life than begin solving your problems.

Overweight leads to:

* Risk of cardiovascular, gastrointestinal,endocrine,oncology diseases / high toxicity of the body /.
* Social dissatisfaction, decreased quality of life - social networking, appearance, family problems.

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 Weight Loss Green Store Tea


Weight Loss Green Store Tea


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