How Does Weight Loss Affect Health

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Overweight may improve the risk of plurality health problems, such heart diseases,osteoarthritis,diabetes, and sleep apnea.

Relationship Between Diabetes And Overweight

Overweight make cells resistant to the hormone insulin. When a person is insulin resistant, blood sugar cannot be export by the cells which result with increasing blood sugar,therefore onset of diabetes.

Relationship Between High Blood Pressure and Overweight

Excess weight may increase blood pressure because your heart needs to pump strongly to delivery blood to all your cells. Overweight may also defect your kidneys, which help regulate blood pressure.

Relationship Between Heart Disease and Overweight

Overweight may increase the risk for heart disease. These health problems include high cholesterol, high blood sugar and high blood pressure, and more worse-heart attack.

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Relationship between sleep apnea and overweight

Excess weight is the most major risk factor for sleep apnea. As a result of overweight more fat accumulated around  neck. This may make the airway smaller,resulting with difficult breathing,snoring or even breathing may stop altogether for short periods of time.

Relationship Between Osteoarthritis And Overweight

Being overweight may lead to osteoarthritis, along with genetic factors and older age.Obesity may place additional pressure on cartilage and joints and causing them to wear away.

This facts tells you more about the relationship between excess weight and many health conditions.So if you want to avoid all of these health problems and be health take care of yourself and start losing weight.

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